Young s Triathlon


YHT Testimonials from Parents & Participants

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for organizing...not just one major event...but 2! My son, Rinaldo and I are always inspired by what people do and also seeing people participate in events that are challenging, mentally and physically. On the way to the event today, he asked...when can I get a road bike Mom? I guess he's inspired to participate in the upcoming future.

I had set today as a goal for my 40th birthday several years ago. It was inspiring for me to see people do great things who are much older and younger than me.

I had a great time meeting the other volunteers yesterday, fellow participants today and meeting you both who are very good at organizing this event and bringingpeopli together in a friendly, competitive way!

See you next year! !

The kids triathlon was a lot of fun. I liked the way you could go from one activity to another like a real triathlon, just that awesome triathlon was turned into a fun kid's triathlon. I really liked how you go out on a raft then have to swim back to shore for the swimming part, it is good because if you want to quit you have to swim back to shore any way, you know what I mean? It was a very good idea to do age groups because the 4 and 5 year olds would not be able to go very long and the younger ones would not have much of a chance against the older ones. The kids' triathlon was a very good, fun, active idea. It was funner then I thought it would be, I am asking many of my friends to do it with me next year!!!!Thank you for organizing the kids' triathlon. I think you should organize a kid's triathlon next year, and the many years to come. From Lisa van de Panne, age 9, finished grade 4

Thank you! Our boys had a wonderful time at the event and the pictures are wonderful. I thought I would send these two in case you were interested as there wasn't anything by Todd of this nature and they are so very adorable (I am slightly biased) in their swim caps and all. Thx again and we'll definitely see you again next year! Have a great summer.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend! We both had great races on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed helping out at the young hearts race on Saturday. Attached are a few pics from the kids' race. See you next year!

A fun video of "Team Kimberley" competing in the 5-7 year old division of the Young Hearts Triathlon in Invermere, BC. July 2010: Invermere Triathlon. Watch video on YouTube >